M Beatriz Garcia - Portfolio

My art can be found mostly on some English Visual Novels. I’m stable staff on Mystery Parfait and Sakevisual circles, working for both free and commercial projects, and I usually do work for WinterWolves as well. My personal group is Apple Cider and I’m a founder of Sugarscript.

My work is featured on the following released titles:

c14ban C14 Dating – ©Winterwolves
Character designs and art.
Cute Demon Crashers Cute Demon Crashers! (18+) – ©Sugarscript (2015)
Setting, Character and event Art, Logo.
Autumn’s Journey – ©Apple Cider (2014)
World setting, Character and event Art, Logo.
Blue Rose –  ©White Cat Games (2014)
Character color (sprites and events).
Evilot – ©Syrenaica (2013)
Lead Artist.
Yousei – ©Sakevisual (2013)
Character and event art.
TFS: Winter in Fairbrook  –  ©Winterwolves (2011)
Character designs. Character and event art. Logo.
Kansei –  ©Sakevisual (2011)
Character and event art.
Ripples –  ©Sakevisual (2010)
Character, event and background art. Logo. 
Jisei  –  ©Sakevisual (2010)
Character, event and background art.
The Flower Shop –  ©Winterwolves (2010)
Character designs. Character and event art. Logo.

Projects currently under production:

The Parasol Festival: BB –  ©Mystery Parfait
Lead Artist (project done in watercolor).
caramelban Caramel Mokaccino – ©Apple Cider
Story and Art.
Doki Doki Dollmaker Doki Doki Dollmaker – ©Talia C.
Character Art, logo.
Dies Irae: Phantatiom Elements – ©Jeremiah Caudle
Character redesigns, logo, GUI.
martinban Martin V Robot Boxing –  ©Octeto Studios
Character art.


Danmaku!!©Mystery Parfait (2016)
Assorted card illustrations.
Ren’Py 10th Anniversary Shirt
The Soul of Destruction by Marcus Coulson
Illustration used in cover.
Spirited Heart – Girl’s Love – ©Winterwolves (2011)
Secondary character sprites, girls ending sketches .
The Question – demonstration game packed with Ren’Py engine.
Character sprites.